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Warehousing & Logistics services


Tokema are proud to be involved in a range of new warehouse implementation and optimisation programmes.

All Tokema consultants have previous experience of managing warehouses and of working for logistics service providers. This operational experience allows Tokema to provide ‘hands-on’ consulting solutions, whereby we will support your team but we will also help you to take charge of delivery of the recommendations that were made by our consultants during the assessment phase.

Tokema is an associate member of the UKWA – UK Warehousing Association.

We typically support our clients by delivering the following warehousing and logistics services:

  • Current warehouse optimisation: Tokema consultants are experts in reviewing current operating processes and developing solutions to improve picking processes, increase productivity ‘in the field’, optimise tactical storage locations, and review existing warehouse layout. When the warehouse is subcontracted to a third-party logistics company, Tokema consultants will work with you to review current contract performance.
  • New distribution centre implementation: Tokema consultants follow our unique methodologies to deliver each project on time and in line with business objectives.

As a first step, a full evaluation of ‘make’ or ‘buy’ options is completed. This simulation includes tentative operating budgets and a SWOT analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats regarding each option related to the client’s business.  We provide tailor-made analysis and solutions based on this approach.

Tokema consultants then calculate the barycentre of the operations to define the best and most convenient location where the distribution centre should be implemented, taking into account infrastructure, transportation costs, staffing, and compliance with the organisation’s ethical, environmental and health & safety policies.

Once the location has been validated and a ‘make’ option has been chosen, Tokema consultants will manage the project to find a facility, design the warehouse layout, allocate operational processes and therefore support each department (procurement, HR, IT, finance, etc) in their deployment.

When a ‘buy’ option has been selected by the client, Tokema consultants collate the project requirement specifications, document the processes involved in the purchase, and manage the RFQ process to help the client to select the third-party logistics that will execute the four-walls operations up to the point of contractual discussions and implementation of the operation.


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