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Tokema. It’s a unique name, but where did it come from?

In the middle ages, the expansion of the world territories between Spain and Portugal – the two main Hispanic maritime forces – were divided in accordance with the Tordesillas Agreement of 1492. Portugal spanned the East, while Spain covered the West. Both parties were sure to realise that the Earth was round when their ships ultimately met in the waters of the Sulawesi Sea.  Some years later, in 1651 to be precise, the Spanish would establish a port and military base in the estuary of the River Kema, and would name it ‘Las Quimas’.  At that time, a translation of the phrase “Going to Kema” represented trading opportunities between the two parties and more besides. 

As with most large operations, the opportunities to trade also presented challenges, and that’s a concept that remains true in business to this day.  Globalisation indeed creates wonderful trade opportunities, but this can lead to growing complexities in international supply chain management.  At Tokema, we work hard to embrace such challenges and complexities in the spirit in which those first opportunities will have been created. 

Having adopted the name ‘Tokema’, you will find us today operating as a UK Registered Company, offering international supply chain management and global logistics consulting services to help our clients take a competitive edge in this complex and globally expanding world of trade.

Our managing partners



Pierre Liguori

Pierre is an experienced international supply chain and logistics professional with over 25 years of success working in operations management, international business development, and project management in aspects including warehousing, freight forwarding, supply chain solutions, strategic development and consultation.


Dominique Bartoli

Dominique is a senior consultant with a successful track record of change management and credit management department implementation. She has over 20 years of experience in international transportation, SAP FI-FSCM, freight bill auditing and logistics processes improvement.

Our Core Values

Every organisation you choose to get on board with should be proud to share their values with you.

At Tokema, here are ours:

Commitment to Excellence

We say what we do and do what we say, ensuring that we commit to excellence in standards and professionalism throughout our work. 

A Hands-on Approach

We don’t simply tell you what to do – we actively help you to deliver in your field, providing hands-on and results-oriented logistics consulting services to support and realise your vision.


We are approachable, dynamic and flexible in order to best support your projects and your people in an ever-changing and rapidly expanding world.


We are honest and fair, and enjoy productive and positive relationships with our clients, our team and all of our stakeholders.


Our mission

At Tokema, our mission ties in neatly with our core values, to deliver excellence in international supply chain management and consultation in order to most effectively support our clients’ global development in challenging international trade environments.  We do this through our core values, plus a commitment to offering efficient, well-planned and tailor-made solutions to each individual project.

Our approach

You are unique, and so at Tokema we offer and deliver bespoke ideas and solutions to fit your requirements.

As every client presents differently, we always start with a full initial assessment of your business and a dialogue with your team to define your project or challenge’s scope and objectives.  This allows us to really gain an in-depth understanding of your business.

Once the project definition is achieved, we make recommendations and plan solutions.  Throughout this process, we combine professionalism with an enjoyable approach to what we do, signing up to the old adage that, “If you choose a job that you love, you will never have to work a day in your life”.

As our core values suggest, we are flexible and hands-on in our work, and we are committed to a reputation of integrity and excellence in helping our clients via a process of analytical thinking and a visionary mindset.

We are also committed to deliver projects on time and to achieve and exceed the results you would expect.  Tokema exists purely to take the complexities out of your vision to trade, deliver and expand on a global scale.


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