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How we support freight forwarders to increase their profitability and deliver best-in-class services to their customers using Cargowise One.
How we support customers to implement Cargowise

Freight forwarders – regardless their size – usually consider the implementation of Cargowise One as a challenge: the roll out of the system requires to free up resources to manage the project, the company has to take the opportunity to review existing processes and match their to-be model with Cargowise functionalities.

In addition, the team has to be trained to the solution while implementing it.

This is a real challenge for small and medium-sized freight forwarders who are often lacking available resources and expertise to implement such a strategic project.

This is where Tokema Consulting can help. First, all our consultants are Cargowise Certified Professionals, WiseTech’s highest level of certification.

Our in-house roll out methodology includes process workshops with the users to document airfreight, seafreight, customs, warehouse and land transport processes then to translate this to-be model into the Cargowise One functional configuration.

Finance is also considered as a workstream and the related workshops allow customers to decide and document their business rules in terms of profit sharing, charge codes unified data base, revenue recognition rules, invoicing and costing models, etc…

We also support customers to define their data cleansing and data migration strategy and assist the technical evaluation of interfaces that will need to be developed with external systems such as typically accounting softwares.

Tokema Consulting’s methodology includes system configuration, configuration testing, end user training and go live support on site.

We also provide remote support after the implementation with Tokema’s Knowledge Centre.

Boost your profitability using Cargowise

Freight forwarding is a very competitive and low margin business.

The challenge is to continuously provide outstanding customer service, manage day to day shipments, make sure all the subcontractors are working as per the company’s standards, train the staff, invest in new IT systems and technology…while making money.

In an ever-changing digitised world, importers and exporters expect more and more flexibility, proactivity and customer service from their freight forwarders.

How to increase profitability when the well performing freight forwarders only achieve 2-4% EBITDA?

Of course, a company can procure at a lower cost but may be facing service disruptions and less performance reliability in addition to the existing market price levels.

But the key “profitability enabler” is productivity increase. In other words, how to increase the number of shipments by operator or how to decrease the staff cost/gross profit ratio to a competitive level?

Productivity increase leading to profitability boost is both quick wins and the high hanging fruit.

Using Cargowise will enable freight forwarders to achieve better financial results:

- quick wins because implementing Cargowise is a unique opportunity to review existing processes, eliminate non-necessary tasks and save time daily by configuring the system in an efficient way with customised screens.

- high hanging fruit because the implementation of automation features and workflows within Cargowise will have a direct and significant impact on productivity.

Tokema Consulting support customers through their “productivity journey” using Cargowise with a direct positive and exponential impact on bottom line profitability.

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Automate your freight forwarding processes using Cargowise

Would you like your freight operators to spend more time on the phone with customers and automate some of your freight forwarding processes?

Then Cargowise is a system for you.

The way Cargowise has been designed helps already to remove “waste from the operations”. No need to use excel spreadsheets for quotations or word templates to issue an HBL: from quotation to invoicing, the entire process of a shipment does not require several manual input of the same data. Booking instructions to carriers and pick up-deliveries instructions to truckers are also automated and sent to partners from the system.

There is also a second step of automation that helps freight operators to proactively work with their customers and deliver an outstanding customer service that will increase the client’s stickiness: workflows.

Workflows allow to manage the system based on tasks and milestones and work by exception. When something does happen according to the plan, an alert is generated on the user’s dashboard and by email. Some tasks can be completed automatically following the completion of an event or a previous task.

At Tokema Consulting we use our own methodology to ensure freight forwarders can automate their operations: it is critical to review the existing processes, highlight processes that can eliminated, then automate the operations.

We design the workflow model and support our customers during the configuration and the roll out phase.

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