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Key Account Prospecting

Key account prospecting and logistics key accounts sales

The world has changed, and so has the way in which we sell.

The increasing presence and usage of social media has without a doubt been a major influence on the methods that sales teams across all sectors are using to build rapport with identified customers.  Market research and published reports also show that buyer behaviour patterns have significantly changed in recent times as a result of increasing digitalisation:

 ▪ 74% of B2B buyers conduct more than half of their research online before talking to a sales person ‘in real life’.

▪ An average 5.4 people are now involved in a standard B2B buying decision making process.

If these numbers intrigue you, and you want to move away from the single usual transactional style of sales and business development, Tokema can help you.

Key account prospecting is a long and complex sales cycle that involves several stakeholders in the decision process. Therefore, at Tokema, we strongly believe in a multi-channel sales prospecting process that combines social selling with traditional sales techniques. Digital presence is key but cold calling is not dead!

Sales effectiveness and logistics key account sales

Our consultants will support your sales team to convert the products and services portfolio of your business into efficient added-value solutions that can be sold on to potential customers. As a part of our logistics key account sales service, we will also provide a full range of sales coaching and training services dedicated to logistics service providers like territory management techniques and/or targeting methods in order to increase sales productivity and boost staff time dedicated to customer-facing activities. Additional training and coaching will be offered and delivered by our Tokema consultants, and the efficiency of such an intervention will be measured against your Sales Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which will have been initially defined, such as: number of sales calls, average monthly time dedicated to customer-facing activities, sales pipeline growth, number of qualified opportunities, pipeline turnover value, success ratios, and average sales cycle time.


Sales prospecting

Our sales and business development services also include the engagement of Tokema consultants in active “hunting” on the market.  We can be an asset to your business by being considered as an additional sales resource; bringing in the additional expertise of high profile account sales, knowledge of key industrial sectors, and experience in specific logistics or supply chain services.

We work with our clients to serve a nominated target account list that will define the prospects Tokema will be in charge of to develop on behalf of the business in question. Our consultants will do the account mapping and will identify the prospect organisation, geographies, divisions and key stakeholders. Active prospecting will be carried out through the entire sales cycle, from the initial scheduling of appointments, right up until sign off on the final decision.


Are you ready to bring your logistics key account sales processes to another level? Get in touch with our team, we will be delighted to discuss your project.

Featured Case Studies

Sales Effectiveness
Tokema implemented a sales effectiveness strategy to improve sales activity and pipeline value for the French subsidiary of a freight-forwarder.
International prospecting
Tokema recently helped a German warehousing and logistics service provider expand their business across Europe.

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