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Strategic Roadmap

The strategic roadmap for logistics service providers

How are we different?

You know your business. We help you market your logistics services to attract new customers and differentiate your value proposition from the competition.

We will work with you to better define your value proposition, your target audience and successfully plan your growth for success.

We always start with market research and analysis: market identification is the first step to evaluating the market size potential and identifying market’s existing and future requirements.

Identifying and analysing your competition is the second step. It is critical to understand the value proposition of each main competitor in each target market segment to then learn from their strengths and weaknesses (SWOT analysis).

Based on the market research, our customers’ market segmentation and competition value proposition to the market, we then align our customer’s actual services portfolio with the target market segments expectations.

As a result, we help our customers define their market segmentation and target audience to differentiate their value proposition on the logistics market. This preparation work facilitates the design of the ‘go to market’ strategy, sales strategy, sectors and accounts targeting, branding, marketing and communication planning are all key to business success.

As a part of the logistics strategic roadmap, we help our customers plan and develop the operations necessary to successfully deliver their service. This includes organisation, processes, IT systems, staff hiring & training and operational key performance indicators – and schedule financials – 3-year P&L, investments and ROI.

Are you a logistics service provider looking to optimise your staretgic roadmap for logistics excellence? Get in touch with our team.

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