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Supply Chain Design

Supply chain & network design consulting


As a leading supply chain design consultancy, we help our clients optimise their global supply chain management via careful design.

Due to the globalisation and digitisation of the economy – especially given the boost in the e-commerce growth – an increased complexity of supply chains challenge existing logistics networks’ efficiency.  Additionally, such complexity requires operations to show processes of continuous improvement to follow – and even anticipate – new business requirements.

Our clients’ supply chain networks are a combination of factories, warehouses, cross-docking facilities and international transportation facilities.  The business factors involved include sales and operations planning, inventory management, and production capacity management. A typical network design scope can usually range from raw material state to end-customer finished products.  Tokema consultants look at a planning horizon of 3 to 5 years to take into account effective and full access to the strategic roadmap to navigate financial, sales and operational objectives of the business. This approach is usually implemented in order to design new supply chains, for example when a new factory has to be set up, which could include the process of overseas multi-sourcing options or the implementation of regional distribution centres.  Traditionally, however, network modelling and simulation methodologies are mainly used to re-design existing supply chains in operation.

Tokema consultants use a range of tools, including our own Tokema Designer Modelling system to analyse the current supply chain and logistics provision efficiency, and to propose different scenarios to optimise supply chain savings, end-to-end lead times, organisational alignment, service levels, capacity utilisation, inventories, and overall sustainability.  The use of our modelling system is combined with Tokema consultants’ extensive experience and our own network design project methodology.


The output of a network design project includes several scenarios supported by budgets and operational schemes detailed at 3 different levels:


  • Strategic: strategic structure and configuration of the supply chain.
  • Tactical: production and transportation policy plus inventory management.
  • Operational: operational policies and processes at local sites.


A detailed plan is proposed to manage the transition from the existing supply chain network to the new solution, which will only go ahead once our client is 100% satisfied that this is the best solution for them. 


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Featured Case Studies

Supply Chain Design
Tokema completed an optimisation study to increase efficiency and implement a dynamic and sustainable supply chain flow for a mid-sized technology client.

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