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Logistics and supply chain management consulting services


Tokema offers world-class international supply chain management services that help you optimise your working capital and reduce inventory retention costs.

Inventory management is a key success factor for our clients in order to meet their strategic objectives:

  • Customer satisfaction: well-managed inventories ensure high-quality delivery standard levels to the end user, and result in enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Optimised working capital: this reduces inventory value and buffer stocks along the supply chain, optimises the number of inventory turns per year and reduces any risk that may have a significant impact on a business’s financial performance.
  • Reduced inventory detention costs: when inventories are optimised, the operating cost (handling, storage, warehouse space, human resource etc) is significantly reduced – especially when high runners and slow moving products are managed in an efficient way.
  • Reduced ‘consequential’ costs: there are always going to be additional costs associated with inventory shortages or non-optimised inventory management, often due to manufacturing disruption, late delivery penalties, additional transportation costs (airfreight etc). Tokema work to reduce this.

These objectives are even more critical to achieve for high seasonality industries, such as those in Retail or FMCG,or high-value products with a short lifetime cycle or expiry dates, such as pharmaceuticals.

What makes our international supply chain management services different? Tokema consultants use proven methodologies and calculations to optimise inventory levels against operating costs and service levels. We develop a joined-up approach with our clients to define efficient inventory policies, identify inventory optimum levels, create a migration plan from the existing situation to the desired model, and support our clients’ supply chain teams to execute the new inventory management strategy effectively and autonomously.

This approach requires that each department’s own agenda is aligned with a unique business approach. This is where Tokema also support clients via implementation or improvement of their Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) to support the execution of ambitious inventory management strategies.

Supply chain management with a difference

Our team at Tokema use our own unique 5-step methodology to implement a tailor-made S&OP design that involves and engages each department within your business; from the Senior Leadership Team to your sales team, and from your manufacturers to your financial officers.  We engage across the board because the ‘S&OP journey’ often requires a ‘cultural change’ within any business we work with.  Successful achievements of such an initiative are always based on the people involved, and so this is why we work hard to involve every person in your business via a process of true people engagement and buy-in. 


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