Case Study

International prospecting

Tokema recently helped a German warehousing and logistics service provider expand their business across Europe.


  • Medium-sized warehousing and industrial logistics service provider in Germany, based across 17 sites.
  • Long-standing experience with key industrial clients.
  • Successful in Germany, the company was looking forward to expanding in Europe.


  • The brand was unknown outside of Germany, so significant marketing budgets would be required during the first 3 years.
  • No international experience within the company, resulting in a limited international mindset.
  • No connection to European-based headquarters of industrial companies and not referenced to receive tenders for operations delivered in Germany.

Tokema Approach

  • An initial diagnostic was conducted by Tokema to evaluate the client’s maturity to expand abroad.
  • Tokema recommended an aggressive sales strategy during the coming two years in Europe, with a focus on attracting high-tech and energy based industrial sectors to drive and promote international sales figures.
  • Tokema acted as the international sales agent of the client with ‘hands-on’ prospecting in the field.
  • A nominated target account list was agreed between the client and Tokema and a monthly sales performance review was conducted during an initial contractual period of 18 months.


  • The client was considered well-known by all prospects enclosed in the nominated target account list at the end of the initial period.
  • 7 prospects referenced the client for future tenders.
  • 3 contracts were signed during the initial period for a total annual turnover of 4,250m€.
  • A 3m€ turnover/year contract was awarded by a major industrial company from the energy sector for logistics operations on two sites in Germany.
  • Promotion of an international mindset through a smooth learning curve that will prepare the client for future investments and acquisitions in Europe.
  • No risk and limited investment within a flexible sales agent contract with Tokema: fixed initial period, commission-based compensation scheme, and a minimal monthly retainer fee.

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